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We all know the amount of trolling and discreditation attempts I get from members of  that group of loosely tied disfunctionals known as  ‘Anonymous’. One guy just won’t give it up, it’s also worth noting that he also won’t back up his crazy claims either.

Offensive Counter-Measures – Be Like Water

Posted: 24th November 2012 by th3j35t3r in Anonymous, General, Press Coverage

Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend. – Bruce Lee

Interesting times we live in. We all know about the Gaza/Israel conflict. Anonymous (now dubbed #Anonhamas) as usual took the side of the recognized terror outfit, HAMAS,  and attacked random Israeli websites. There’s more about #Anonhamas  increasing sway towards terrorists here. I responded by shutting off three major HAMAS run propaganda websites, including their TV channel site.

After the ceasefire, I duly halted my own actions too. But as usual #Anonhamas wanted to exact some kind of revenge on me, and just like last time got their pathetic terrorist sympathizing buttholes handed to them. Again.

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and this very blog came under yet another ridiculous DDoS attack from #Anonhamas. This time I decided to try a different tactic, while confirming some concepts too. Now, we all know there is a huge link between the ranks of #Anonhamas and the likes of ‘Ralphy’ and his #OWS bums below (you should watch this video):

In Response to a Valid Question….

Posted: 11th November 2012 by th3j35t3r in General

It’s not often I scan down my Twitter interactions and get a well thought out and intelligently expressed question. But while sifting through the endless stream of trolls, threat-makers, provocateurs and social engineers, this morning a particular tweet from @gjukison jumped out and I feel compelled to reply. The original question from this clearly educated guy was refreshing:

From @gjukison to me:

@th3j35t3r Some thoughts on the “What is terrorism?” video: Mind to share your thoughts on that?

For those unaware, the video this gentleman refers to can be found in my last post regarding how Anonymous, in my opinion, is ripe for infiltration by elements of terror. Please see this link and video therein to get a grasp of context.

UPDATE: Everything I said here has come to pass

Okay I have been babbling about the fact that #Anonymous were ripe for infiltration by elements of terror groups for about 2 years now. Historically you can see my stuff on this here, here, and *puts on sunglasses* here. Everytime I show a link that clearly shows the transistion from mere protesters to terrorists I hear the same old shit:

  • ‘That Black Flag with those Anonymous masks is just Islamic symbol, nothing to do with terror’
  • ‘Just because they are wearing Guy Fawkes masks doesn’t mean they are Anonymous’ << really? lol


So I am not gonna keep writing about this, because it seems some folks don’t have the ability to read the words that they are seeing in front of them. I’m dedicating this page to showing pictures and video, because maybe just maybe, these assclowns running round claiming to be anonymous one minute then denouncing other anonymous members when they don’t like what they see, will be able to comprehend what is, and has been going on for a while now.

The Quieter You Are The More You Can Hear.

Posted: 8th November 2012 by th3j35t3r in Anonymous, General, Hacker Tracker

Well, well. I take a little twitter vacation for a few hours and the crazies come out in force with their batshittery. It’s been a very interesting time, watching, waiting and giggling at the epic fail trolls. Just to catch you up on the latest. Yesterday after I showed Anonymous to be a crowd of assclowns by publically handing 45.2% of my sample of 250 random anons their asses (read about it here it’s hilarious), I decided to deactivate my Twitter account for reasons that will become apparent in this post.

It took about 3 seconds for the wild delusional and butthurt theories to start flying around. The most amusing came from @lulzmouse, whom was one of the first of the anons to get suckered by yesterdays pwn-fest. You can read the conversation I had with this bipolar troll directly after she fell through the Looking glass here:

@lulzmouse cleverly (or not) decided to claim, on what grounds I have no idea, that I was in fact the fuckstick known as @fawkesSecurity who placed the bomb threat involving 400lbs of explosives and a Federal building and myself are one and the same, and furthermore try to then take credit for my Twitter account being unavailable, since then she has become so pleased with herself she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Bipolar tendencies that one. This user is either not taking the prescribed medication, or taking too much.

Well guess what? I deactivated my own account, and it was nothing to do with the elections, and it sure as hell was not a result of any actions taken by those who wish me silenced or worse.

‘A small team of A players can run circles round a giant team of B and C players’ – the late Steve Jobs

So  I decided to conduct a….. hmmmm… ‘social experiment’. I am always amazed and intrigued by the bluster put forth by ‘members’ of ‘Anonymous’.  I decided to see for myself exactly how ‘anonymous’ anonymous think they are. One of the really great things about being me is thousands of Anons follow me on twitter, because, as much as they protest, they like to keep a close eye on what I am up to at any given moment, but as we all know, the hand, in some cases, is quicker than the eye right? I can use this fact to my advantage.

With Twitter, whether I am following someone or not, if they are following me I can Direct Message them.

So I coded-up a really quick and dirty Twitter App that went through my 56,000 followers and picked out 250 random followers that had the letters ‘anon’ in their twitter handle, it just looped through until it reached the API limit. Upon finding a ‘mark’ it then ran off to Project Looking Glass and generated a unique URL very similar to this one:

Shark in the Water

Posted: 1st November 2012 by th3j35t3r in General, Hacker Tracker

‘Yes I do irritate career trolls, but what’s their point?’ – Unknown

Hey all. Sorry it’s me again. But you chose to come read me so your bad, not mine. I have been taking a ‘little’ flak over PLG. Some folks say it doesn’t exist, some say it is a photoshopped mock up, some say I plagarized BeEf even though I credited the fine work of Spiderlabs and the original project in my original PLG post. So here’s a thing, open source right? We can all use it, branch it and fork it.

But still they question, still they claim the ‘photoshop’ claim etc etc. …..Boring, unsubstantiated, oh and did I mention…boring again.

Well I decided to ‘deliver’ for all to see.

I am often asked what tools I am packing in my battle chest. So I have decided to do a series, starting with OSINT tools that are openly available to everyone. Obviously there are ‘other’ proprietary tools I use and I won’t be discussing those, so with respect to you all, please don’t ask me ;-)

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources. In the intelligence community, the term “open” refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or clandestine sources); it is not related to open-source software or public intelligence.

OSINT is defined by both the U.S. Director of National Intelligence and the U.S. Department of Defense, as “produced from publicly available information that is collected, exploited, and disseminated in a timely manner to an appropriate audience for the purpose of addressing a specific intelligence requirement.”

Here’s just five freely available OSINT tools and resources in no particular order, each one excels in different aspects of OSINT collection and collation.

“Have the passion, bake cupcakes & magic will happen.” @CupcakeQuotes

Well it’s upon us again folks. Yes Columbus Day has rolled round upon us again and it’s about this time of year I like to step into the kitchen and cause me some carnage. I thought I would share my special spiced cupcake recipe with you guys ;-)

Self-contained and satisfying, it summons memories of childhood even as it’s updated for today’s sweet-toothed hipsters (chai latte cupcake, anyone?) The best thing is you don’t have to share — it’s strictly a one-person affair, thank you very much.

For those of you joining us today from the Arabic speaking world there’s a handy version of this yummy recipe here somewhere, have a yourselves a good rummage.

‘One need not destroy one’s enemy. One need only destroy his willingness to engage.’ – Sun Tzu

When I post links to news articles via my twitter, I often get asked about a previous operation I conducted in March 2011. The op in question has been reported on by numerous 3rd parties, but I have never openly mentioned it. So folks, understand that unless there is a ‘watermark’ or ‘other identifying feature’ inside a news article I link to – it is genuine straight from the source site.

If you are not quite sure WTF I am talking about, here’s what Mr Anthony M Freed had to say about it at the time.

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